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Let’s get vaccinated! Book Slots for Covid Vaccination

Now Book Covid Vaccination Slot Effortlessly with Cowin Software   Presently, the entire nation is fighting the COVID-19 pandemic, and this time the conditions are at their worst. In this fight, the vaccination drive is the most vital weapon. In the country, the corona vaccination drive has begun. However, the covid vaccine dose remains for […]

Protects Your Website with SSL Certificate

SSL certificate for website security

Secured Socket Layer (SSL) is the cryptographic protocol that is used to establish secured internet communication. Regular internet users always come across several websites. Some websites initiate with “HTTP” however some of them initiate with “HTTPS” in their domain name. The extra “S” in “HTTPS” means “secure”. Domain name with “HTPPS” in websites indicates that […]

Why You Should go for HTTPS Migration Immediately

migrating to HTTPS

 Nowadays, the Internet is more popular than ever. We find and meet more people over there as compared to real life. We may feel that the Internet is a safe place, but is it? It is the responsibility of the developers and website owners to make sure that they provide a safe web experience to […]

6 Mistakes to Avoid While Hosting Your Website

Website hosting mistakes

When you start a new business, you have a lot on your plate. Starting your own company website is one of those things. And choosing a web hosting provider for that can be difficult, especially with a large number of options available out there. There are thousands of web hosting providers laying out different plans […]