Firefox warning: Parts of the page you are viewing were not encrypted before being transmitted over the internet

Another variant of this warning is: “This page contains both secure and non-secure data”

The warning indicates that not all content of your site is downloaded from a secure location. It does not mean that your SSL certificate is installed improperly. It is caused by the site code only. You should check if all the links in your site code are using a secure connection https:// Also it is worth checking external items related to scripts or objects, for example, Flash or Google Adsense/Analytics. The secure location from where content is downloaded does not have to be your secure location, but it has to be a location with a SSL certificate installed.

Insecure content can be checked at: or via Google Chrome, you will need either to press: ‘Ctrl+Shift+J’ and then click on ‘Console’ (for Win/Linux) or ‘Command+Option+J’ for Mac


or in Chrome Menu choose Tools > JavaScript Console.

You can try one of the solutions described below to remove this type of warning:

  1. Update all the HTTP links to the HTTPS ones in the website’s script. For example, moving the image file to a secure part of the site, e.g.,;
  2. Making the links relative to the root directory by adding a backslash before the file name as in the following example: <img src=”/image.gif”> This would translate to both <img src=””> and <img src=””>

In case you did not create the site yourself, you will need to contact either your web designer or company that provided you with the site to get assistance with troubleshooting the issue.

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