Creating an FTP account on Linux Hosting

If you’re planning to have your website developed by a web developer, you’ll need to give him access to your hosting package. This can be done either by giving him the admin FTP details we shared with you when you purchased the hosting package or by creating an additional FTP account for him. Here’s how you create it:

  1. Login to your cPanel
  2. In the Files section, Click on “FTP Accounts”
  3. Enter a Loginusername
  4. Enter a passwordand confirm it
  5. The Directoryfield will get auto-populated with the following value:
    REMOVE your <FTP_Login> and set it to just “public_html”

    Note – If you wish to grant access to your developer only to a particular sub-directory or an Addon Domain (in case of Multi Domain Hosting), you’ll need to set the path of that Directory here

Click on “Create FTP account”


That’s it. You now have an FTP account created specially for your web developer so that he can access it using an FTP client. Just give him your hosting package IP address and FTP username and password you just created for him and he’s all good to go.

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