Taking a Backup of your website on Windows Hosting

Taking website backups is super important. There are multiple ways to do it. Here’s the easiest way for you:

  1. Login to your Plesk Panel
  2. Click on “Backup Manager”
  3. Click on “Back Up”
  4. Give a prefix to your backup file name
  5. Enter your email address to receive a notification once the backup is ready
  6. In Backup content, select “Domain configuration and content”
  7. Select “All configuration and content”in the drop down next to it
  8. Click on “Back Up”

  9. Sit back and relax for a while. You’ll receive an email notification once the backup is ready on the server
  10. Once you have that email in your inbox, login to your Plesk Panel and browse to the same path again i.e. Backup Manager
  11. You’ll now see a backup listed below with its details. Just click on the download icon to the top right of this backup

That’s it. Your website backup is now getting downloaded onto your computer.

If you have a database for your website, you’ll need to consider taking a backup for the database too. Click Here to know how to do it.

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